Who knew this #MTE article would be such a hit? I certainly did not, figured it would get a chuckle for a day or 2 and nothing more. Turns out it have taken on a life of its own and is now part of the #MetsTwitter vocabulary. A day on twitter doesn’t go by without seeing some form of the hash tag being used. Even the Mets beat writers have been asking about it.  

In the last article I tried to give a start on how to spot out #MTE, but it seems that wasn’t enough to rid your TL’s of corny jokes, ganging up on people, silly puns and Sandy slurping. So I have put together a baseball roster of #MTE members, only the elitist of the elite could make this All Star team of #MetsTwitterElite. It’s been hinted that I was being hypocritical by not using names as I called them out for haven broken @ buttons, so here goes:

C- @maggie162

1B- @_mistermet

2B- @EpideMets

3B- @Devonsports

SS- @JonPresser

LF- @xSnakeDoctorx

CF- @SusiMJK

RF- @Metsochist4life

SP- @Miss_Met

Owner/GM/Manager- @toogooden16


You’re probably thinking that would be a terrible team as most of these people were definitely picked last in gym class. This may be one of the reasons they love platoons so much, they were told they were platooning in little league to make them feel better about not playing as much as everyone else. They try to compensate for this by trying to be the “cool kids” on twitter. Most of us see right through this act. I am certain they will use humor as a defense mechanism to avoid and deflect from this article as well.

If you didn’t make the team I apologize, but if you can’t be accepted into this group even though you so badly want to, I don’t what that says about you.

I’m now asking for your help with more suggestions for the #MTE roster as we still need to fill a bench and bullpen.

Let’s go Mets!



2 thoughts on “#MTE OFFICIAL ROSTER

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